Saturday, June 11, 2005

Getting tied up

Well, here's my first real post about Shibaricon. Getting tied up by Max.

Max, is THE rockin rope top of Seattle and so of course he had to make an appearance at Shibaricon. Now, I gather that he hadn't been planning on going to Shibaricon for very long and so consequently, his dance card might not be full. So, I had an opportunity to meet with him and talk with him whilst the Poet was delivering delicious treats to various vendors at Shibaricon. Now, I am not really the shy type normally and I had decided "go big or go home" would be my motto for the weekend so I struck up a conversation with him, and then asked in a shy voice "So, I was wondering, do you ever tie up people of the male persuasion?" To which he replied, "oh yes, I like tying up boys". This is was not expecting, I was expecting to politely be told no or that he had dates all weekend long.

And so I was floored when he said yes. Later that day (the first full day of the con) we had an opportunity to talk more and he asked what I was looking for and that's when I had to admit it. I am a complete rope novice. Never been tied up (for bondage) ever before. And I said something along the lines of "Well, I feel like I'm in a middle eastern restaurant and I've never eaten the cuisine and I only have a vague idea what some of the words on the menu mean, and I'm really hoping for someone to point to something good to try on the menu". He seemed to like the analogy and I said was up for anything except a full suspension. Then, we again parted ways and I found the Twisted Monk as quickly as I could because Max and Monk both date Matisse (poly is so cool) and so they know each other and Monk could give me some pointes. And I asked him to tell me everything I needed to know about a scene with Max and to reassure me that Max really was the rockin rope top I knew he was and that it would be cool. Monk offered several small choice pieces of advice and give me the reassurance I needed (the Poet also offered much reassurance).

So before the play party began Max needed to run upstairs to grab his bag of rope, which I offered to help with. It was fun doing a little service for him, even though all I did was carry his bag and walk with him. But then we went to the party where we both mingled with me keeping a hyper-alert watch on his bag and the time and at around 10 he came over and we started looking for a suspension frame. And the whole time I got to call him Sir and he called me boy (swoon) which just gave me this wonderful little feeling inside. Well, we were waiting for a frame for awhile and he had me kneel in front of him and he was just stroking and rubbing my hair in this way that just said "you're mine right now". And I loved that because I loved having the back of my hair rubbed because it just feels wonderful and because it was just very different to be kneeling in front of someone who was about to tie me up. Well, no frames opened up so he decided to skip the suspension and just tie me up on the floor. So he spread out this huge piece of leather and and I got undressed and out came oodles and oodles of rope. And he started putting me in a chest harness and tied my hands behind me and laid me down on the floor and before I knew it, I was pretty well hog tied and I just loved it. I mean, the feel of the ropes all over me just felt right and I could tug and pull against it without feeling like I was going to slip loose. And then Max used me as a foot rest and I was just in heaven. The rope felt great, the view from the floor was weird (never seen a room of people wandering by when my face is pressed against the floor), and just being in that mindset as he slowly untied me and slowly brought me back to the real world while I kneeled infront of him. And Max is just so hot. Why can't the hot ones be gay?

I could go on and on about the scene but I won't bore all of you. It was so many many new experiences for me, the ropes, the knots, the D/s play, the whole thing. And I should be getting some photos of it. Let me get those and talk to Max and see if he's cool with them up. If no faces are shown, maybe y'all can see them. Till another night.


Mistress Matisse said...

What a very sweet post...

Trixie said...

Yeah -- VERY sweet!! I don't like hearing about women being tied up, but boys? Mmmmmmm!!! Thanks for the description, Jake!

Adam said...

Well, hey, huzzah for you, guy! Sounds like a time that was not hot, but hotHotHOT! -thumbsup-

rope slut said...

I had a blast with you at Shibaricon, I am counting the days till we go next year, maybe this time I will manage to get myself tied up.

L said...

Awwww, that's sweet.

At Erotic LA I got my first taste of rope bondage(though your taste was much larger than mine!) and am hooked.

Got to meet Monk, too, and you're right, he's a sweetheart.

Anonymous said...

Hello Jake -

I sure enjoyed getting a chance to work with you at Shibaricon. You were strong and sweet all together - just what I like when I play with boys.

You did very well. I was throwing a lot of new things at you, and you never faltered. I was also impressed by your willingness to ask for what you want. That takes courage, and you did it very nicely.

I'm looking forward to seeing you at other events, and watching you grow into your BDSM. Please do stay in touch.



remittance girl said...


Seriously, for a moment (just for a moment, mind you) reading this made me want to be back in North America so badly!

And it was a very nicely, naturally written account. A great post.

Good luck with your adventures Jake! I hope they take you wonderful places,


Remittance Girl

Christopher in Sacramento said...

Very cool post. Liked this one and especially the restaurant analogy.


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